Episode 12 of the White Shark Interest Group Podcast, Facebook's' largest White Shark specific group, covering science, conservation, news, photography, video and debate.

Do you ever hear those reports of someone in the water with sharks, who claim friendly dolphins showed up and helped send the shark away? Or reports of dolphins ramming sharks with their noses?

Is there any truth to this? Are dolphins somehow in tune with their land based mammal human friends? Or is there something else going on?

Our resident admin, and shark and dolphin expert, the mighty Drew Scerbo chats to Melissa and Ricardo about all things marine mammals and their relationships with sharks.

There is SO MUCH education in this podcast and some truly JAW DROPPING revelations about dolphins and sharks!


Join us at the White Shark Interest Group with the thousands of other shark advocates to EDUCATE, CONSERVE, and PROTECT these amazing Great White Sharks.

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