Episode 11 of the White Shark Interest Group Podcast, Facebook's' largest White Shark specific group, covering science, conservation, news, photography, video and debate.

This episode features the team discussing how we reconcile loving the movie Jaws so much, with the direct negative impact it had in throwing the "monster shark" image to the masses, while at the same time advocating for positive shark messages and protection through education. Is it OK, as a shark advocate, to like the movie Jaws?

For the first time on our podcasts we welcome fellow admins Anna and Drew to the conversation, and entertain you while we debate, with clips from the film, the music, and some serious shark advocacy discussion amongst the trivia, fun and sheer passion for all things sharks....and Jaws!

We do not claim copyright of any the audio from the film used this podcast, and only do so with respect and fair use in mind.

Do you love sharks and are passionate about protecting them? Do you also love Jaws? How do you reconcile the two?


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