Episode 6 of the White Shark Interest Group Podcast, Facebook's' largest White Shark specific group, covering science, conservation, news, photography, video and debate.

This episode features Ricardo speaking with South African Surfer, Photographer, Dive Master and Life Saver - Brandon Kilbride, about the surfing mentality of catching waves in known Great White Shark hotspots off the coast of Cape Town and the surrounding area.

What is like to be out on the water at sunrise in full knowledge that Great White Sharks WILL be around you? What goes through the surfers mind about sharks while enjoying the ocean life? Brandon recounts several incidents and encounters and discusses his observations of Great White Sharks from working nine seasons as a cage dive master in False Bay, and then heading home to swim in the same waters he just saw massive sharks predating on seals!

This is a must-listen rare insight into the accounts of a surfer, knowledgeable on our favorite animal, the Great White Shark - from spending time IN the water with them.

Join us at the White Shark Interest Group with the thousands of other shark advocates to EDUCATE, CONSERVE, and PROTECT these amazing Great White Sharks.

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